Student interest survey with pictures

Classroom surveys are one of the easiest and most successful ways of getting students speaking. Surveys can be adapted in many ways to suit specific teaching situations. It is better to have many kinds of surveys up your sleeve to avoid student boredom and to keep each activity feeling fresh and interesting. In rare cases the student will be unable or unwilling to discuss his/her own needs, preferences, strengths, or interests. In these instances, age-appropriate transition assessment may be based on teacher observations, input from the student’s family, or information contained in the student’s records. Section E – Reinforcement Survey Directions: To complete this survey, it is recommended that each question be read to the student in an informal manner. While you should guard against pressuring a student to complete each statement, please be sure to follow-up or clarify any vague responses. Get to know your students with a student interest survey. Use it at the beginning of the school year, after breaks, or open house and meet the teacher nights. If you get to meet your students before the next school year, this would be helpful too! Student Interest Inventory: Getting to Know Your Students See more