What does canon mean in dance

The most familiar of the canons is the perpetual/infinite canon (in Latin: canon perpetuus) or round. As each voice of the canon arrives at its end it can begin again, in a perpetuum mobile fashion; e.g., "Three Blind Mice". Such a canon is also called a round or, in medieval Latin terminology, a rota. Dec 09, 2007 · I'm guessing you mean "canon" rather than "cannon". A canon in literature is a series of works which are considered to embody the high-points of a culture's writing. In previous times, the literary canon was a bit like a collection of books which all educated people were expected to have read (the concept fell out of use in the early 20th Century). Making Dance The Choreographer's Toolbox Solo Versus Group Work . The number of dancers can vary from one in a solo work, to two in a duet, three in a trio and so on.. Group works can be for one or more soloists and chorus or corps de ballet (in musical terms this is like a concerto) or, more democratically, for an ensemble of dancers (like a symphony).