Cricket flour protein

However, in addition to the protein, minerals and nutrients mentioned above, cricket flour is a complete source of protein contains essential amino acids such as leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, and valine. Protein products aimed at people interested in a paleo diet or weight loss in general are becoming increasingly popular, and cricket flour is seen as an environmentally efficient way of getting ... recipes with cricket flour and cricket powder and roasted insects Cricket Flour Edible Insects Snail Sustainable Food Bugs Walnut Salad Vinaigrette Farms Adventurer Entomo Farms: a global leader in the cultivation of cricket flour, cricket powder and insect protein; delivering the planet's most sustainable food source The nutrient value of cricket powder (cricket flour) and mealworm powder (flour) is parallel to that of other food sources. However, the most powerful difference is that it comes at a fraction of the cost to your production and to our planet, as it serves to reduce the ecological footprint that is associated with beef and chicken protein production. Cricket flour can be used to make crackers, pasta, cakes, pancakes and almost anything that you would bake. It can also be sprinkled onto salads or added to a smoothie for a boost of protein. Another common cricket-flour product is protein bars that contain about 40 crickets. You won’t be biting into any legs or antennae, just the fine powder ... Try our delicious Chocolate Cricket Brownies made with REAL crickets! Share with friends or family, or for your next entomophogy adventure! Our crickets are raised here in North America and we strive to provide our line of premium cricket flour and cricket protein powder products that our family's love.