Extract text from pdf using vba

PDF Extractor SDK. Extract text and Binary Data from PDF, get Tables, Images and Attachments, run OCR. Handle noisy images and damaged texts transparently with the built-in filters. Convert to common data structures like XLSX, CSV or XML. In Excel, you only can use the defined function to extract the text based on font color. 1. Press Alt + F11 keys together to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. 2. Click Insert > Module and copy the follow VBA code to the popped out window. VBA: Extract text based on font color Find and Highlight Selected Text in PDF in C#, VB.NET Sometimes, we may want to use Find feature to locate specific text, but there must be numerous results returned. In order to confirm the location more conveniently, we can highlight the selected text with background color while searching. Currently I am using Word 2007 and I keep all of my macros in an add-in. I know that you can export modules as .bas files but I am wondering if there is any macro or third party product that can extract ALL of the VBA code from all of my modules, forms, etc. and export it as text to a Word document. I have a pdf file which which I can copy data manually. My question is it possible to extract specific data from a pdf with vba . e.g box 26 the right part ,27,28 and so on.the data is around 300 pages the headers will be item no, commodity code and so on at row 1 and row 2 will be the data 002 ,15091000 under their respective columns .