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Materials Sciences Corporation (MSC) and Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC) announce the Dynamic Composite Simulator module of LS-DYNA. This enhancement to LS-DYNA, known as MAT161/162, enables the most effective and accurate dynamic progressive failure modeling of composite structures. Dyna Fact Sheet (PDF) PENETRATION MODELING WITH LS-DYNA® An LS-DYNA Training Class Presented by Paul Du Bois Consultant and Len Schwer, Ph.D. Schwer Engineering & Consulting Services Abstract Penetration events form a class of simulation environments well suited to the solution capabilities of LS-DYNA. LS-DYNA is unique in offering the analyst the choice of Lagrange, Abstract. This paper presents a novel method of modelling ballistic impact on woven polymeric fabric commonly used in armour applications. This method incorporates the viscoelastic behaviour of the fabric yarns, yarn crimp, inter-yarn friction and friction between projectile and fabric.